The story of the Filipino Carinderia dates back to the early 1800s when it served as a respite for travelers seeking cooked food. Mostly located near railways, these make-shift bamboo stalls offered food to artisans, tourists, carriers and tramps who were seeking simple, home cooked meals. People who were away from home, workers, as well as people who did not have permanent residences would conveniently gather at these places at mid-day to have meals that typically consisted of different viands that went perfectly well with rice. At the day’s end, the Carinderia offered its own humble beginnings of Filipino take out to those people who would buy reasonably-priced food to take home for dinner as well.


Some of Our Favorites —



crispy pork rind cracklings


Classic Lumpia 

crispy fried egg rolls with minced pork, crunchy napa cabbage,carrots, sweet chili dipping sauce



pan-tossed bean thread glass noodles with vegetables 


Sizzling Salmon Sisig

wild-caught salmon, bell peppers, onions


Grilled Pork Skewers (Inusok)

sweet and savory marinated pieces of grilled pork on skewers




Pork Adobo (Adobong Baboy)

tender pork slow-cooked with garlic, vinegar and soy sauce 



sundae-milkshake-slushy with sweet plantains, sweet potatoes, agar-agar jelly, coconut, ube (purple yam), flan and sorbetes 



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Loved everything. Get the 4-5 item Family meal to taste everything. . Pork BBQ skewers for appetizers and get extra lumpia!!! Heaven on earth!
— 1st time customer
Best Filipino Food in San Diego County! The adobo is my opinion, is their best dish!
— Marlo Austria



Open Everyday 11:30am-8pm

124 West I Street, Encinitas, CA 92024

Phone: (760)557-4873